Southern dewberry is a trailing, prickle-laden plant that will shred anyone bold or foolish enough to walk through it.  But its white flowers are gorgeous, with a texture that makes the color white something quite special.  It grows in open, disturbed areas along fence lines, roadsides, and in natural clearings along the coast of Texas, but it is most abundant along the Coastal Bend and upper coast of Texas. Southern dewberry flowers in early spring and provides a tasty black fruit similar to blackberries.

The predominant species along the gulf coast is Rubus trivialis, southern dewberry.  The genus Rubus is large (>250 species) and hybridization makes assigning species problematic.  The fruit of many of these species are similar and quite delicious.

This photograph was taken along the Texas coast near Corpus Christi.

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Southern Dewberry, Rubus trivialis

Southern Dewberry, Rubus trivialis

central Texas

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