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Sandhill crane, Grus canadensis

Sandhill crane, Grus canadensis

Bosque del Apache, New Mexico

Darrell Vodopich is  Professor Emeritus at Baylor University and began his career as an Ecologist and Photographer in the Biology Department in 1981. Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from East Carolina University and a Ph.D. in aquatic biology at University of South Florida lead  Darrell and his wife Donna to Baylor University, Texas. Darrell’s career at Baylor has focused on both undergraduate and graduate student education and research featuring natural history. He is one of today’s dwindling few broadly-trained general biologists with publications on computer programming, microscopy analysis, photography, limnology, parasitism, zooplankton, fish, snakes, mosquitoes, ants, dragonflies, vascular plants, tardigrades, shrimp, dragonflies, and others.

 In 1984 Dr. Vodopich began his ongoing authorship of textbooks and a variety of educational materials. His writings are used currently in well over 300 Universities, Junior Colleges, and High schools. Darrell’s recent interest in the Galapagos Islands stems from his and Donna’s love of travel and photography. 

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